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At a Glance Month of June-2019

At a Glance (June-2019)
Title Value
PBS Name Dhaka Palli Biddyut Samity-3
PBS Registration Date 01/01/2014
Official Electrification Date 01/01/2014
Pbs Area No 07
Pbs Area Director Granted -10, Now-10
Pbs Women Director Granted -03, Now-03
Operating Area (Sqkm) 455 Sqkm
Included Upozila No & Name 05
Included Unioun No 27
Electrifyed Unioun No 27
Included Village No 589
Electrifyed Village No 589
Zonal Office No & Name 05
Sub Zonal Office No & Name 01
Area Office No & Name 02
Complant Center No & Name 12
Connection Facilities Created/ Connceted Consumer 357927/357927
Total Granted Line Electrified (km) (PBS Own ) 3194.37
Total Electrified line (PBS Own ) 3194.37
Waiting for Renewvation No
Electricity Demand m.w(monthly average),peak/off-peak) 180/185
Average Demand mw(privious year) peak/off-peak) 159/153
Real Achievement m.w(monthly average),peak/off-peak) 180/180
Real Achievement Average m.w(This year),peak/off-peak) 159/153
Electricity Purchase kwh/tk.,this month 115974491/690155427
Electricity Purchase kwh/tk., Year-to-date 1209077431/7278894221
Electricity Sells kwh/tk., this month 122307290/718555901
Electricity Sells kwh/tk., Year-to-date 1188003589/7793627709
Bill Collections Rate,this month 141.10%
Bill Collections Rate,year to date 99.43%
Monthly Outstanding, Year-2018-2019 0.77
System Loss(This Month) / YTD 8.44%(About Billing Meter) / 6.19%(APA)

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